Write For Yourself, Not an Audience

In the podcast “Maria Popova on Being Interesting, Creating More Time in a Day, and How to Start at Successful Blog”, Maria Popova discussed that when you start writing or creating content, that it’s for yourself and not for an audience. Her exact word were, ” Write for yourself, if you want to create something meaningful and fulfilling, something that lasts and speaks to people, the counter intuitive, but the really necessary thing is that you most not right for people.”  She goes on the explain that when you create content for yourself and that you are passionate and exited to create content thats what makes people interested and come back.

I found that quote meaningful and powerful because it made me realize thats why I’m drawn to certain writers and content creators. For example,  when I watch Youtube, I watch content that I enjoy, but also certain people who are passionate about what they are creating, I can tell they really love what they are doing. It makes me want to be like them and have a job that makes me happy and not feel as if i’m trapped.

Lastly, I also feel that in school we are taught to write for the teachers or whoever we need to please. I tend to change my writing styles and how I write depending on the teacher I have. For instance, when I truly write myself I add little thought bubbles of different input when I’m not writing about my opinion, but with most teachers I do not add them because they don’t like them or feel it isn’t necessary. Also, I believe  as if we are being trained for the state tests. Almost every year I am told that what I write about doesn’t really matter,  it’s how I write it. The way I present my writing and what words I chose. I think we should not be trained to have a cookie cutter way of writing and what it should be. I usually hate writing because I’m not interested in the topic or I can’t  express myself they way I want. I agree with Maria Popova because she writes for herself  and doesn’t care what others think.

One thought on “Write For Yourself, Not an Audience”

  1. You’ve brought up a great (and tricky) point, Alana. It’s so tough to balance writing for yourself versus writing for your teachers. I wish I could tell you that this class wasn’t about prepping for a state exam. It’s even worse: prepping for the AP Literature exam. However, there is a bright spot here. When you’re writing for this class, we are going to try to develop your own voice in your writing. So, instead of just repeating and saying back what the teacher wants you to say or what the state wants you to say on the exam, we are going to work to develop your own interesting ideas and points of view about the text. Then, you will support them with the necessary evidence within the sort of format that the test requires. BUT, the ideas should come from you and should be all your own. This is where the writing for YOU really comes in. You will write about your interpretations, your ideas, your thoughts. Each students’ perspectives will be different, and I’m totally cool with the opinions and perspectives being different than my own. I’m looking forward to helping you grow your individual voice and ideas!

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